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Aug 04

New way of exam preparation for Nepalese students


mero answerBishnu Sharma's story is no different from any other +2 science students of Nepal. Like every other students, he followed the crowd and came to the capital city with big dream to become a doctor.

With dreams in his heart and determination in his mind he left his family behind in Chitwan and came to the valley. There was a lot more to handle than just studies for him. Tuition fee along with the fooding and lodging cost added more burden to his middle class family back home. More to add on that, it was hard coping up with the busy and crowded  streets in the city. He got lost couple of times on his way back from the institute.

May 27

Exciting Startups in Nepal


The way e-commerce is spreading its wings around the world is totally mindboggling. Everything is turning online. With the new technologies and paying mechanisms in place, people are increasingly earnest about buying and doing stuff online. Several online marketplaces like clothesnepal and Kaymu are in place in Nepal to provide people one of the best shopping experience. Similar ventures encourage the small entrepreneurs to start their own ventures or join the bigger ones by adding their four cents. Amidst all of the startups that emerge in the e-world, some manage to get people’s attention more than others. Few even have a social welfare motivation behind their mind. Here is a list of few startups in Nepal that are doing exciting work and engaging the community in a nice way.

Jul 31

Searching for the best job in Melbourne Australia?


Searching for best jobs Melbourne AustraliaWhen you are finding a new job in the market everything will appear to be very complicated and very exciting too. The stress that happens while looking out for the jobs in Melbourne, Australia makes things difficult most of the times. There might be too many different options and oath opening which you may come across. But choosing one which is reliable and perfect is always important. There are times when you will realize that checking out through information you will be able to get the job as per your needs.


Jun 26

The Five Do's and Don'ts of Facebook Posts

The Five Do's and Don'ts of Facebook Posts

Whether you are new to Facebook or have been on it for a few years, there's always something to learn about this popular social media site. The unspoken etiquette of social interactions online constantly changes as the Internet evolves and new generations (the oldest and youngest users) begin to populate Facebook. There are certain unspoken rules you should try to avoid breaking if you want to keep your friendships intact, however! Here are five do's and don'ts of Facebook posts.

Jun 12

How to launch a successful mobile app

Once Abraham Lincoln said: “Give me six hours to chop a tree and I’ll spend four hours grinding my axe”. He surely knew that planning is essential for any successful business.

And your mobile app is such a business. Very often developers release their apps without due planning and as a result get disappointed in seeing bad results or no result at all. In this article I’d like to share some ideas about successful app launching.

Jun 10

The Dark Side of Google Glasses

The Dark Side of Google GlassesGoogle Glass may be the most innovative product of the decade, but Google is still being questioned to address issues related to security and privacy of users of this device.

Before Getting to the Dark Side of Google Glass, lets have an overview on how Google glass’ technical specifications.

May 10

5 Best Tools to Develop Android Apps

5 Best Tools to Develop Android AppsIn today’s cut throat competition, Android has emerged as a star platform and is in high demand among developers. Being an open source it gives developers complete rights to use and develop it in the way they want. When you have so much flexibility and facilities available around you then who would not want it to give a try? 

Even with little experience in Android app development there are tools which can help you to build fantastic apps. All you need is to know about those tools and self -confidence to perform well.

Apr 29

Get Rid Of Google Penalty by Removing Unnatural Back Links

As we all know we all were surprised when Google launched their update of Google services aka  panda or penguin. It was released for the webmaster tools and the guidelines of Google for maintaining the Google quality.  They have overcome with Google webmaster tool which detect the unwanted and unnatural back links.

What are the back links?
It is very common thing that many of the SEO content creators negligently put things on www just to highlight their products or services which they put via back linking. These back links are well framed with perfection on different site and different WebPages with higher viewer data base. By doing this they work for their website for gaining more traffic and that divert the audience.

Apr 16

Own a Multi-Author Website? Manage It Easily with a Few Free WordPress Plug-Ins

Own a Multi-Author Website? Manage It Easily with a Few Free WordPress Plug-InsDo you have a multi-author website? Then you are, most probably, no new to several difficulties that come up with running it. Apart from synchronizing with multiple contributors, you are burdened with publishing schedules, editorial works and other important work flow.

If you are working on WordPress platform, you are in some luck as several free plug-ins can make the management matter much easier. Sadly enough, many of them are not very useful and you should not try out sub-standard options. Here are our top picks of plug-ins that can help you manage your multi-author website or blog with much of ease.

Apr 12

Tips on Making the Most from Guest Posting

Tips on Making the Most from Guest PostingWhen it comes to guest posting there are a lot of questions. Why write guest posts? Why accept guest posts? What can guest posting do for me? How do I get started? What should I watch out for? How can I make the best of guest posts and guest posting? Well, I will attempt to answer all your guest posting questions as clearly and simply as possible.

First of all, what is guest posting? Well, guest posting is very simple. It is an article written by someone outside of the blog owner that has something (hopefully) to do with the blog. This article is usually free for the blogger to use. The blog owner allows guest posting for many reasons, which I will go into detail about in a moment. However there are many reasons for people to offer guest posts to bloggers. Some of those reasons people want to offer this valuable service for free is:

Apr 03

Top seven biggest mistakes a logo designer can make

Top seven biggest mistakes a logo designer can make

Logo designing has become one of the most worthwhile calling options for so many people.  Mostly those who have a creative and artistic proclivity inside themselves, this field is the best suit. Nowadays a the demand of graphic designing is rising at fast rate and so millions of people are choosing it as their career option that in turn raises the competition in the market.  Once getting settled in this sector one does not need to look back anymore although setting down is a big challenge indeed.

Apr 02

12 Checklists for Website Usability

12 Checklists for Your Website

A good website design can be the major attraction in selling products and gaining attention of customers. It should be designed in such a way so as to attract customers and compels them to revisit. But every website is different. There are some things that all great sites have in common. Here's a checklist to help you make your website great.

Apr 01

Tips to make new sales out of older blogs

Tips to make new sales out of older blogs

The most essential feature of blogging is updating. Bloggers endeavor not leave a single moment for writing blogs. The main motive of blogging is to cover all the latest happenings. Business Blogging is written to make the people aware about the activities of the organization, new launches, policies, discounts and much more. But here is an interesting research that old blogging can also be used for making new sales.

Mar 30

Top 7 big players that rules the Blogging Niche

Top 7 big players that rules the Blogging NicheOne of the good things the internet has brought about is the creation of million dollar business for individuals; it is an avenue that can quickly make you from level zero to hero. It created a lot of opportunities and the sharp ones were able to tap into it. One of the prominent multi-million dollar businesses on the internet is Blogging.

Blogging is fun, but tasking. The starting point requires a lot of hard work and commitment, but the end point is so much rewarding, here are some of the bloggers that has pass through fire, and has now become the big players of in the blogging sphere.

Mar 22

How brick-and-mortar retailers will deal with showrooming

How brick-and-mortar retailers will deal with showrooming

Nowadays, in our fast growing world, more and more people prefer shopping online to visiting physical stores.  It's becoming common practice when customers equipped with their smartphones visit retail stores just having one purpose - touch, compare and shoot products, and then purchase them on online marketplaces such as Amazon which provides lower prices and comparison option. Hence, this popular trend has become known as showrooming, literally.

Mar 21

Link Management - How to get Contextual links with Page Rank

Link Management - How to get Contextual links with Page Rank

Advertisement is one of the best ways to inform people about a particular product. People generally come to know about a new product that has been launched in the market recently through advertisements on the televisions or banners or internet. Each and every people access the internet to acquire knowledge about what is going on in the world. We also come across numerous advertisements in the social networking sites which is the most popular ones nowadays. Some of them are facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.

Mar 16

The Amazing Reality of 3D printing

The Amazing Reality of 3D printing

The 3D printing technology is not new, but decades old. However, only lately this technology has been declassified by the mainstream media. 3D printing essentially involves printing a solid state model of any object whose digital blueprint is available. From guitars, miniature cars to camera lens and medical replicas, a host of objects can be created with 3D printing. This is undoubtedly the latest technology doing rounds and gaining acceptance among the masses. Some quite innovative 3D printing applications have been developed too. You will perhaps find it difficult to believe that a Japanese company is even offering a 3D printed model of your fetus!

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