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Jan 03

Improve Your eBay Business with Dropshipping


Improving Your eBay Business: Try Dropshipping There are several ways to sell items on eBay, but one of the most profitable ways is with drop-shipping. The following is an overview of the ways in which eBay sellers are using drop shipping to develop profitable, large-scale eBay stores.

The first step to making money with an eBay store is to decide which product or products you are interested in selling. Research what items are trending and selling. The advance search function is provided by eBay to help you search different categories for auctions that have ended and the items that have sold, which gives you an idea of what the most popular items people are currently buying.

Jan 02

Understanding Non-Profit Website Management


Understanding Non-Profit Website Management

The first step in management of a non-profit website is to choose a good website content management system. Whether the website belongs to a 501(c) 3 organization or a grass-root level unit, the content should have a personal touch to it. Creating meaningful content is the key to a flourishing website regardless of whether you’re a non-profit or business. You be able to find a content service provider can take on this job. Some such firms cater specifically to charitable organizations, they may even have a dedicated customer support cell whom can help and advise you.

Dec 30

Tips to Merge WordPress Categories Without Installing Plugins


Tips to Merge WordPress Categories Without Installing PluginsWordPress, as we all know, has always been a very powerful tool to establish a social media presence. The quality of features, templates and options it offers for creating a social platform and expressing our views are simply great.

While we consistently write and upload new posts in our WordPress blog or website and look back after a while, we may realize the need to merge two or more categories as they resemble a similar niche. We may also want to create a whole new category and move some of our posts into them. In such cases, the first thing we look out for is a WordPress plugin. Though ample number of plugins is available in the library, there are simple options available in the dashboard to execute this task. So, for those of you who wish to merge categories in a WordPress dashboard without using plugins, here’s how you do them.

Dec 20

Switch from Cable Internet To 4G Wireless Internet – Should You Do It?


Switch from Cable Internet To 4G Wireless Internet – Should You Do It?With the amount of advertising that is going on for the emerging technology of 4G internet connectivity and mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, it is quite obvious that you will be swayed to make the switch from your seemingly cumbersome cable home internet connection to this new technology. But is it yet time to choose the 4G internet connectivity option and get rid of your cable internet connection at home? Are all the pros that are being advertised really as good as they sound?

This is why it is recommended that you take into consideration the following 3 aspects when deciding about making the switch or not - 

Dec 10

Internet Marketing Can Be a Great Way to Generate Income


Internet Marketing Can Be a Very Great Way to Generate IncomeInternet marketing has so many names, but its only core purpose is the endorsement and promotion of a particular business. Since the rise in popularity of the internet, the web has proven itself to be one reliable tool for almost every aspect of life including financial gains. Since most people do vital things such as emailing and inconsequential things like shopping online, the latter can be the best tool every business can use to generate income.


Dec 03

What happens to Online Marketing when SEO dies?


What happens to Online Marketing when SEO dies?Most of the people involved in Search engine optimization are restless after the Google’s Penguin update, which is the latest algorithm of Google targeting to bring down the search engine rankings of the websites that have occupied the higher rankings in the first page of the SERPs (Search Engine Rankings Pages) of the Google with smart and tricky SEO techniques. 

There’s nothing to worry or whimper as Google has aimed only at the false practices of the black hat SEO techniques companies that had been involving in malicious acts like cloaking, clever link schemes participation, intentional employment of duplicate content, keyword stuffing and many more to deceive search engines and acquire top rankings. A genuine, loyal, ethical and an authentic SEO company following white hat SEO techniques should be happy about the Penguin update that has washed away most of the unethical SEO professionals who were riding on other’s back.

Dec 02

5 Most accurate Backlink Checker Tools to monitor your SEO


5 Most accurate Backlink Checker Tools to monitor your SEOChecking Back-Links can be a pain in the back. No, it isn't what it always looks like. Because, while checking Back-Links. Its much important to know that a lot of links that are covered by useless, cheap, back-link checker tools are actually no-follow. Not only this, but these tools show a lot of mirror links. Which can be really annoying at times. 

Not only this, but the people who are in link building. Like I am in guest blogging industry. We have to dig deep for links which point to  a site. To rank our client's site better. Even the least intuitive processes of link building includes link research, link pruning and more things like that. 

Nov 30

10 Things to Know in Social Media Marketing


10 Things to Know in Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing is an important aspect to consider before starting actual shares by a company or business. It is not just to have a profile on every social network, nor is it to be present in the area of Social Media and shed deals all the time. This is a strong commitment to social-shopping can become total chaos if not managed properly.

The goal of social marketing in cyberspace, it is the content delivery value that ends up in the medium and long term as a percentage of sales from some followers or fans. It is also about winning, love and turns a follower into a brand advocate.

Nov 29

How to Increase the Reception of Your Satellite Internet Connection?


How to Increase the Reception of Your Satellite Internet Connection?Although satellite Internet is classified as a broadband Internet connection, there are times when you might find that your satellite Internet connection is giving you non-broadband speeds owing to various atmospheric disturbances or other external factors. This can be a frustrating experience and there is no point denying that these are, but, some of the limitations of the satellite Internet technology that happens to be the only viable way of bringing Internet connectivity to the countryside.

This is when you will need to boost the signal reception of the satellite Internet connection yourself. Here is how you can get it done:

Nov 27

Why Start Using Windows 8 for Your Personal Computers


Why Start Using Windows 8 for Your Personal ComputersUpon the discovery and the usage of personal computers in worldwide, Windows application goes with it. As time passed by different innovation was being created by the promoter of the said program or shall we say operating system to cater the electronic needs of the human kind. 

Oftentimes, people would prefer Windows application since the operating systems of the Windows in our personal computers are user friendly and needs a little time and experience to be able to familiarize the system. Aside from that, it provided manuals that serves as guide and on-line search of different applications related to the particular system we wanted to know are available also. 

Nov 24

What's new in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013


New Features in PowerPoint 2013

With hype around recently released Windows 8 and it’s sister product Microsoft Office 2013 code named Office 15’s release at the horizon, there has been a mixed response about it’s review. It has many new features like estore, skydrive sync, weather forecast, new templates and many more. Let us have a quick at it's new features. 

Nov 23

Choosing the Right Communication Service for Your Business


Choosing the Right Communication Service for Your Business

Many communication and telephony solutions exist to make your business’ needs a reality. You can install traditional phone lines through the providers in your area or you can work with a cellular network. Increasingly though, more and more solutions are cropping up that directly involve the use of the Internet. Voice-Over-IP is a very popular solution using services such as Skype or Google Voice. There are also private networks and prepaid phone services available. Depending on what your business needs, you have a lot to choose from when it comes to this technology.

Nov 22

Top 7 Social Media Tools That Can Help to Grow Your Business


Top 7 Social Media Tools That Can Help to Grow Your Business

If you are in business then you surely know the importance of social media.  Of course, a key to business that never changes is always staying one step ahead of the industry.  Right now, social media is where the business is located.  This is why companies are investing so much time and money on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  Furthermore, the greatest interest is coming from the mobile market, where social media is just as important as the Internet browser. 

Nov 21

Opportunity for Freelance Designers and Programmers to Work from Anywhere - oDesk


Opportunity for Freelance Designers and  Programmers to Work from Anywhere - oDesk

One of the fastest growing job markets is in freelance work. Any skill set can make a living on contract based, freelance work, and oDesk is specifically situated to let developers and designers quickly find work that will pay very well. There are plenty of things you need to know about before heading down this line of work, and most of it will be covered here.

Nov 19

How to Optimize Your Blog for a Better Search Visibility


How to Optimize Your Blog for a Better Search Visibility

If you have something to say, it makes sense to reach your words to as many people as possible. A blog is a great way to tell the world what you feel or think and blog hosting platforms like Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr are very simple to use. But reaching an audience isn't as simple as writing good content and waiting for the world to notice you. It takes consistent hard work with quality at the center of everything. Here are a few suggestions on how to optimize your blog for a better search visibility.

Nov 17

Google Cloud Print - Print anywhere, from any Device


Google Cloud Print - Print anywhere, from any DeviceGoogle has stayed at the forefront of technology with its unparalleled search engine, its fast and reliable Chrome web browser, and the most popular mobile device operating system Android. But what might be surprising to some is it has also contributed to the printing industry with Google Cloud Print.

Basically, Google Cloud Print allows people to print files from any place on Earth with an Internet connection. Whether it’s through a laptop, a desktop PC running Windows or OS X, a smartphone or a tablet, you can send any kind of file that your printer can handle, and it will print it almost instantly.

Nov 16

All You Need To Know About New IPhone 5


All You Need To Know About New IPhone 5IPhone 5 the biggest and latest innovation from one of the largest mobile device company in the world, Apple. This company has lots of innovations in the field of technology. It is a sleeker version in the mobile market with all the loaded features, specifications and applications which make you go crazy in the series of iPhone. It is launched on 28th September 2012 from its predecessor iPhone 4S.

IPhone 5 is the classic Smartphone and the sixth version in the series of iPhone. The display is about 4 inches with the aspect ratio of 16:9. The weight of this iPhone 5 is 112 grams which is 3.95 oz. It has A6 processor and iOS 6 operating system.

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