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Aug 21

Ajax Browsing History Functions

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One of the biggest challenges in Ajax based applications is to properly implement the browsing history. This form of problem has been in existence since Ajax was first presented. Even with the development of Ajax, its tools and frameworks have been significant, the problem with browsing history still exists.

The back and forward buttons in browsers seemed non-existent when the browser access an Ajax based application. Since there is no direct HTML that will provide the browser with the needed information to enable browsing history, the back and forward buttons might not be used. Ajax will not be able to naturally provide this information since the information is not part of the programming language.

But because of the development of Ajax and support for the programming language, certain tools and functions have been developed. While there are thousands of functions that have been developed to assist this feature for Ajax based application, there are only a few functions that should be able to improve the Ajax based application.

The Getcontent Function
The best solution for this problem in Ajax is to use a simple function called "getcontent". This type of function will be able to do two things. The first function is to retrieve content. The information could be from various sources - the information could be external (another website) or another part of the website. This includes the information from the previous webpage. By using this function, developers will be able to mark the previous webpage and automatically link them in previous functions.

But there is the reason why this function has not been popular for a while. Getcontent will require the developer to use innerHTML. This is a little bit challenging a few years ago since it will require bandwidth as well as a powerful local gadget.

CheckHash Function
Another function developer can use to improve bookmarking is to use CheckHash. This is a very small but very powerful addition to the Ajax based application. CheckHash is basically a function that tries to check the data and mark it for future use.

The beauty of this function is that it reinforces the getcontent function. The previous page of the online application will be marked with the help of getcontent. But with CheckHash, developers will be able to verify if the actual data is still available. This function will check the cached data in the browser. Along with getcontent, checkhash will get the browser and hasten the reload of the previous webpage.

While these two functions will most likely improve the history functions in the online application, it's still important to test them in the server. This is very important for two reasons: first is browser compatibility. While the functions should be able to work in most browsers, checking the function in the server will ensure browser compatibility. The second reason is to ensure stability of the application. By placing the functions in the server, the application will be able to use the functions immediately instead of relying in the client side.

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