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Aug 21

Ajax Expertise and Efficiency

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The development of an Ajax based application is always driven by the need to ease data processing. As an online application, it should have the ability to emulate or at least come close to basic functions found in desktops. This will give users a chance to do their data processing online without requiring any downloads or client for an application.

Everything could be done through the browsers and with a decent internet connection. Some even claim that Ajax and JavaScript based application could run seamlessly through dial-up connection but it will take a long time to load. But nevertheless, users will have a good experience when using Ajax based application.

User Experience is King with a Cost
You may have already noticed but everything noted there is all about efficiency and users experience. In the development of an application, developers usually think about the user’s experience when they encounter the application for the first time. This thinking is actually acceptable since after all, the only way the application will prove is usability is through its users.

But focusing on user’s experience might shadow an important factor that could help developers move further. Users experience could be a good thing but letting them enjoy an application without proving any improvement on the skills of the developer will not help in the developer’s skills improvement.

Display of Expertise
While developers should focus on users, it’s also important to slowly improve their expertise in Ajax and JavaScript based application. The current development practices are already impressive but ask any developer and they can assure you that they can still squeeze the programming language even further.

But showing what JavaScript could do does not necessarily mean improvement of user experience. Because there is just a small window that allows improvement, the people who are only able to provide additional functions are those who are already leaders in the field.

The Boom and Bane of Frameworks
The best example of user’s experience overtaking the need of further development is in the frameworks. Developers who use frameworks can easily churn out JavaScript and Ajax based applications even though they have little to no experience and knowledge of JavaScript and Ajax. But the end result of the application could still be impressive. When users see a highly interactive application, it doesn’t really matter if the application was used with frameworks. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if JavaScript was used.

Ultimately, Need Drives Everything
This might look like a bleak reality for JavaScript developers but it’s not the end of improvement yet. There are still users and developers who ask for more and push for further development. There is always something that needs to be filled by JavaScript and through patience and carefully studying, that need could be filled.

In fact, the clamor for brand new things is exponentially increasing. From simple experience of the web, users are now asking more from their browsers. It’s up to the developers on how they can answer that challenge to improve JavaScript and Ajax further along with user experience.

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