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Nov 30

10 Things to Know in Social Media Marketing


10 Things to Know in Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing is an important aspect to consider before starting actual shares by a company or business. It is not just to have a profile on every social network, nor is it to be present in the area of Social Media and shed deals all the time. This is a strong commitment to social-shopping can become total chaos if not managed properly.

The goal of social marketing in cyberspace, it is the content delivery value that ends up in the medium and long term as a percentage of sales from some followers or fans. It is also about winning, love and turns a follower into a brand advocate.

Oct 11

Top 5 High-Demand and Fast Growing IT Jobs


Top 5 In Demand IT Jobs, highly searched computer jobs, high paid computer jobs, growing demand IT jobs, computer jobs in-demand

The world of technology is constantly changing and expanding. Companies all over the world now use technology-based programs and other tools to help run everyday business. This makes the job of IT professionals more important than ever. With all of the new types of programs and devices, and the need to keep these devices safe, IT jobs are some of the most in-demand jobs in the world right now. If you are interested in joining a hot IT career, consider some of the following fastest-growing IT jobs for your future career path.

Oct 09

Do You Spend Too Much On Your High Speed Internet?

Mara C.

Different Ways You’re Spending Too Much On Your High Speed Internet

There are a couple of reasons why households or businesses who knew better decided on getting a high speed internet connection rather than those regular internet connections with dragging speeds and limited usage. Aside from convenience and efficiency in performing even the most intense online activity, a fast and reliable internet connection should also be more practical by expediting internet usage due to the fast loading of web pages and lessening monthly fees due to a wide array of packages from several providers.

Aug 22

Purchase Internet Service for the Right Amount of Speed


Shop Internet Service for the Right Amount of Speed

There are quite a few things to think about when you purchase the internet service providers in your area. A common problem many consumers of internet service make is they do not take the time out to actually think their purchase through. They may simply accept whatever internet service is available from their local cable provider simply acceping a consolidated bill as the easy option. Things may work out will with this approach but opting to acquire internet service without much of a thought process just might end up undermining your ability to get the best possible service. Knowing which service is available will open the door to procuring the proper speed for your needs.

Aug 22

Effective Tips for Selecting a Reliable SEO Company


Effective Tips for Selecting a Reliable SEO Company

A website represents the online identity of a company and plays a huge role in promoting its business by reaching out to potential clients. A website should be aesthetically designed with a clutter-free layout, clear navigation, easily viewable content, latest information and conveniently positioned links. But this is not enough. Something very vital is missing if it is not optimized for search engines.

Jul 08

You may lose your internet access Monday: FBI


You may loose your interent access Monday, FBI, DNS changer, DNSChanger, Malware, Malicious virus, harmful virus, computer

On Monday morning, there's a chance you may not be able to access the internet on your personal computer, if your computer is already infected with the DNSChanger trojan. FBI will shut down internet services for around 277,000 computers worldwide to protect computers from viruses on 9th July, 2012.

Aug 24

Nepal Government to monitor .NP domain registration


Government of Nepal is going to monitor on Nepal's Country domain .np registration. It was previously authorized to a Private company, Mercantile Communications Pvt. ltd. Still Mercantile Communications Pvt is maintaining on .np domains registration.

Aug 23

A Brief History of the Internet [Video Documentary]


The foundations of the Internet were formed when packet-switching networks came into operation in the 1960s. Transmitted data is broken up into small packets  of data, sent to its destination, and reassembled at the other side. This means that a single signal can be routed to multiple users, and an interrupted packet may be re-sent without loss of transmission. Packets can be compressed for speed and encrypted for security.

Jun 10

ICT Trade Fair to begin from July 1


Cheapest Laptop in Nepal, ICT Trade Fair 2010ICT Association is organising ICT Info Trade Fair 2010 from July 1 to July 5 at Bhrikutimandap here. The trade fair will focus on creating awareness among the people about the latest developments and benefits of information technology.

The fair which will have 12 pavilions with 110 stalls expects more than 3 lakh visitors to the fair. The five-day long Info Trade Fair will have desktops, laptops, mobile phones, i-pods, DVDs, Pen Drives, and many other latest gadgets from electronics and information technology.

Nov 16

Google’s Plan to Make the Web Twice as Fast


Google is apparently in the early stages of a research project that appears to aim as high as perhaps replacing the HTTP protocol, the fundamental technology that essentially makes the World Wide Web possible.

In a somewhat obscure post on the Chromium blog, the development branch of their Chrome browser, Google reveals they’ve been working on a new protocol dubbed SPDY for “SPeeDY” for its goal of making the web faster.

Oct 06

Doctor: Internet Addiction Could Become a Chronic Childhood Disease


Back in August we reported that reSTART, a rehab center for Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), was the first facility of its kind to treat the controversial diagnosis in the US.

The disorder has yet to be officially recognized, but specific symptoms have been outlined, and it’s a subject matter that continues to undergo evaluation. while social phobia and depression were linked to internet addiction in girls.

Sep 04

How Old Is This Internet Thing, Again?

Poor Al Gore has been teased mercilessly for supposedly claiming he invented the Internet.

But that’s not the only portion of cyber-history that’s in dispute.

Media outlets are celebrating Sept. 2 as the 40th anniversary of the day the Internet was invented. Security company Symantec even chose to ring the day in by creating a top-10 list of the most notorious online threats, with No. 1 as 2000’s “I Love You” worm, which infected an estimated 5 million computers.

UCLA’s engineer school, on the other hand, is recognizing Oct. 29 as the 40th anniversary. That’s where computer-science professor Leonard Kleinrock and his team were credited with sending the first computer-to-computer messages.

Well, which is it?

On Mr. Kleinrock’s Web site, he confirms that it was on Oct. 29, 1969, when his team transmitted a message from their computer to another one located at Douglas Engelbart’s Stanford Research lab in Menlo Park, Calif.

Mr. Kleinrock wanted to use his mathematical theory of packet networks, which he created as an MIT grad student, and apply it to Arpanet, an experimental military network. On Sept. 2, 1969, his team exchanged meaningless data over Arpanet, but on Oct. 29, they sent a message.

They were trying to log in to one computer from the other, but “we succeeded in transmitting the ‘l’ and the ‘o’ and then the system crashed! Hence, the first message on the Internet was ‘lo’!” he wrote. “We were able to do the full login about an hour later.”

These were “the first murmurings of what later exploded into the Internet,” he wrote, not to be confused with Tim Berners-Lee, who in 1989 proposed a global hypertext project that became the World Wide Web.
Aug 21

Ajax Browsing History Functions


One of the biggest challenges in Ajax based applications is to properly implement the browsing history. This form of problem has been in existence since Ajax was first presented. Even with the development of Ajax, its tools and frameworks have been significant, the problem with browsing history still exists.

The back and forward buttons in browsers seemed non-existent when the browser access an Ajax based application. Since there is no direct HTML that will provide the browser with the needed information to enable browsing history, the back and forward buttons might not be used. Ajax will not be able to naturally provide this information since the information is not part of the programming language.

But because of the development of Ajax and support for the programming language, certain tools and functions have been developed. While there are thousands of functions that have been developed to assist this feature for Ajax based application, there are only a few functions that should be able to improve the Ajax based application.

The Getcontent Function
The best solution for this problem in Ajax is to use a simple function called "getcontent". This type of function will be able to do two things. The first function is to retrieve content. The information could be from various sources - the information could be external (another website) or another part of the website. This includes the information from the previous webpage. By using this function, developers will be able to mark the previous webpage and automatically link them in previous functions.

But there is the reason why this function has not been popular for a while. Getcontent will require the developer to use innerHTML. This is a little bit challenging a few years ago since it will require bandwidth as well as a powerful local gadget.

CheckHash Function
Another function developer can use to improve bookmarking is to use CheckHash. This is a very small but very powerful addition to the Ajax based application. CheckHash is basically a function that tries to check the data and mark it for future use.

The beauty of this function is that it reinforces the getcontent function. The previous page of the online application will be marked with the help of getcontent. But with CheckHash, developers will be able to verify if the actual data is still available. This function will check the cached data in the browser. Along with getcontent, checkhash will get the browser and hasten the reload of the previous webpage.

While these two functions will most likely improve the history functions in the online application, it's still important to test them in the server. This is very important for two reasons: first is browser compatibility. While the functions should be able to work in most browsers, checking the function in the server will ensure browser compatibility. The second reason is to ensure stability of the application. By placing the functions in the server, the application will be able to use the functions immediately instead of relying in the client side.

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