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Jun 26

The Five Do's and Don'ts of Facebook Posts

The Five Do's and Don'ts of Facebook Posts

Whether you are new to Facebook or have been on it for a few years, there's always something to learn about this popular social media site. The unspoken etiquette of social interactions online constantly changes as the Internet evolves and new generations (the oldest and youngest users) begin to populate Facebook. There are certain unspoken rules you should try to avoid breaking if you want to keep your friendships intact, however! Here are five do's and don'ts of Facebook posts.

Mar 22

How brick-and-mortar retailers will deal with showrooming

How brick-and-mortar retailers will deal with showrooming

Nowadays, in our fast growing world, more and more people prefer shopping online to visiting physical stores.  It's becoming common practice when customers equipped with their smartphones visit retail stores just having one purpose - touch, compare and shoot products, and then purchase them on online marketplaces such as Amazon which provides lower prices and comparison option. Hence, this popular trend has become known as showrooming, literally.

Jan 22

Some Important Changes Done by Google SEO in Last One Year

Some Important Changes Done by Google SEO in Last One Year

The year 2012 witnessed some of the amazing changes from google which has greatly influenced SEO strategies and workings. Google has now laid some strict norms on the authenticity of the website content, designs and external links. With the help of various algorithms, google can now guard bad behavior on the internet more efficiently and effectively than before. Unlike the past, google now notify various domains about their black hat web spam via webmaster tools. In 2012 ( Jan & Feb), more that 700K messages were send to various domains in just two months as compared to less than 600K which were send in the entire year 2011.

Dec 20

Switch from Cable Internet To 4G Wireless Internet – Should You Do It?

Switch from Cable Internet To 4G Wireless Internet – Should You Do It?With the amount of advertising that is going on for the emerging technology of 4G internet connectivity and mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, it is quite obvious that you will be swayed to make the switch from your seemingly cumbersome cable home internet connection to this new technology. But is it yet time to choose the 4G internet connectivity option and get rid of your cable internet connection at home? Are all the pros that are being advertised really as good as they sound?

This is why it is recommended that you take into consideration the following 3 aspects when deciding about making the switch or not - 

Dec 02

5 Most accurate Backlink Checker Tools to monitor your SEO

5 Most accurate Backlink Checker Tools to monitor your SEOChecking Back-Links can be a pain in the back. No, it isn't what it always looks like. Because, while checking Back-Links. Its much important to know that a lot of links that are covered by useless, cheap, back-link checker tools are actually no-follow. Not only this, but these tools show a lot of mirror links. Which can be really annoying at times. 

Not only this, but the people who are in link building. Like I am in guest blogging industry. We have to dig deep for links which point to  a site. To rank our client's site better. Even the least intuitive processes of link building includes link research, link pruning and more things like that. 

Nov 29

How to Increase the Reception of Your Satellite Internet Connection?

How to Increase the Reception of Your Satellite Internet Connection?Although satellite Internet is classified as a broadband Internet connection, there are times when you might find that your satellite Internet connection is giving you non-broadband speeds owing to various atmospheric disturbances or other external factors. This can be a frustrating experience and there is no point denying that these are, but, some of the limitations of the satellite Internet technology that happens to be the only viable way of bringing Internet connectivity to the countryside.

This is when you will need to boost the signal reception of the satellite Internet connection yourself. Here is how you can get it done:

Nov 12

Real Time Website Analytics Heat Maps From Seevolution- Better Loading Time and Better Results

Real Time Website Analytics Heat Maps From Seevolution- Better Loading Time and Better Results, real-time analytics, website heatmaps, seevolution technologySeevolution has launched the upgraded version of their website analytics feature which allows the webmasters to get better results of their website stats. With the new feature, the webmasters would be able to see real time website analytics without navigating away from the website. 

The SEO features of a website which determine its performance are too many like – page views, unique visitors, click through rate, ad placement, alexa rank, bounce rate, page rank, responsiveness of the visitors etc. To get accurate stats of all these figures, you will need to visit one site after another. With the new feature from Seevolution, you get to see all these relevant features right on your website page.

Oct 11

Top 5 High-Demand and Fast Growing IT Jobs

Top 5 In Demand IT Jobs, highly searched computer jobs, high paid computer jobs, growing demand IT jobs, computer jobs in-demand

The world of technology is constantly changing and expanding. Companies all over the world now use technology-based programs and other tools to help run everyday business. This makes the job of IT professionals more important than ever. With all of the new types of programs and devices, and the need to keep these devices safe, IT jobs are some of the most in-demand jobs in the world right now. If you are interested in joining a hot IT career, consider some of the following fastest-growing IT jobs for your future career path.

Oct 09

Do You Spend Too Much On Your High Speed Internet?

Different Ways You’re Spending Too Much On Your High Speed Internet

There are a couple of reasons why households or businesses who knew better decided on getting a high speed internet connection rather than those regular internet connections with dragging speeds and limited usage. Aside from convenience and efficiency in performing even the most intense online activity, a fast and reliable internet connection should also be more practical by expediting internet usage due to the fast loading of web pages and lessening monthly fees due to a wide array of packages from several providers.

Aug 22

Purchase Internet Service for the Right Amount of Speed

Shop Internet Service for the Right Amount of Speed

There are quite a few things to think about when you purchase the internet service providers in your area. A common problem many consumers of internet service make is they do not take the time out to actually think their purchase through. They may simply accept whatever internet service is available from their local cable provider simply acceping a consolidated bill as the easy option. Things may work out will with this approach but opting to acquire internet service without much of a thought process just might end up undermining your ability to get the best possible service. Knowing which service is available will open the door to procuring the proper speed for your needs.

Aug 22

Effective Tips for Selecting a Reliable SEO Company

Effective Tips for Selecting a Reliable SEO Company

A website represents the online identity of a company and plays a huge role in promoting its business by reaching out to potential clients. A website should be aesthetically designed with a clutter-free layout, clear navigation, easily viewable content, latest information and conveniently positioned links. But this is not enough. Something very vital is missing if it is not optimized for search engines.

Jul 08

You may lose your internet access Monday: FBI

You may loose your interent access Monday, FBI, DNS changer, DNSChanger, Malware, Malicious virus, harmful virus, computer

On Monday morning, there's a chance you may not be able to access the internet on your personal computer, if your computer is already infected with the DNSChanger trojan. FBI will shut down internet services for around 277,000 computers worldwide to protect computers from viruses on 9th July, 2012.

Aug 24

Nepal Government to monitor .NP domain registration


Government of Nepal is going to monitor on Nepal's Country domain .np registration. It was previously authorized to a Private company, Mercantile Communications Pvt. ltd. Still Mercantile Communications Pvt is maintaining on .np domains registration.

Aug 23

A Brief History of the Internet [Video Documentary]


The foundations of the Internet were formed when packet-switching networks came into operation in the 1960s. Transmitted data is broken up into small packets  of data, sent to its destination, and reassembled at the other side. This means that a single signal can be routed to multiple users, and an interrupted packet may be re-sent without loss of transmission. Packets can be compressed for speed and encrypted for security.

Jun 10

ICT Trade Fair to begin from July 1


Cheapest Laptop in Nepal, ICT Trade Fair 2010ICT Association is organising ICT Info Trade Fair 2010 from July 1 to July 5 at Bhrikutimandap here. The trade fair will focus on creating awareness among the people about the latest developments and benefits of information technology.

The fair which will have 12 pavilions with 110 stalls expects more than 3 lakh visitors to the fair. The five-day long Info Trade Fair will have desktops, laptops, mobile phones, i-pods, DVDs, Pen Drives, and many other latest gadgets from electronics and information technology.

Nov 16

Google’s Plan to Make the Web Twice as Fast


Google is apparently in the early stages of a research project that appears to aim as high as perhaps replacing the HTTP protocol, the fundamental technology that essentially makes the World Wide Web possible.

In a somewhat obscure post on the Chromium blog, the development branch of their Chrome browser, Google reveals they’ve been working on a new protocol dubbed SPDY for “SPeeDY” for its goal of making the web faster.

Oct 06

Doctor: Internet Addiction Could Become a Chronic Childhood Disease


Back in August we reported that reSTART, a rehab center for Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), was the first facility of its kind to treat the controversial diagnosis in the US.

The disorder has yet to be officially recognized, but specific symptoms have been outlined, and it’s a subject matter that continues to undergo evaluation. while social phobia and depression were linked to internet addiction in girls.

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