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Aug 30

3 New Apps to Manage Your Social Networks

Samith Jhon

3 New Apps to Manage Your Social Networks

Social networking had been gaining utter popularity and the upcoming new applications that may be used by the users; it has covered almost the entire world in its charisma. Social networking has given its audience a means of sharing thoughts and feelings, making friends, joining exquisite fun clubs, developing a unique online identity, exploring numerous applications, having a comfortable zone for interactions and above all a global recognition.

Jul 20

Top 15 Reasons That Makes Business Blogging Better than Facebook


Top 15 Reasons That Makes Business Blogging Better than Facebook, business blog, business blogging, benefits of blog in business, blog is better than facebook, facebook blog, bloggers

Business blogging and Facebook are rivals to each other. Facebook is a social networking site where people can create their accounts through their existing e-mail id and share what’s going on their minds. They can enhance their lists of friends by sending friend requests and have a chat with them. Not only have that, one can promot their companies by making a facebook page of giving an ad on facebook. But all these can be done inside a limitation. A user cannot do everything what he or she wants, he or she has to what Mark Zukerberg wants. 

Jul 17

A New Social Networking App – Glancee


A New Social Networking App, Glancee, Facebook Bought, facebook collaboration, social networkingFacebook, Twitter, and now Glancee! The social networking sites keep getting bigger and bigger due to the new trend in networking. Glancee is a new app that is predicted to be a big thing on the market as it allows one to track people according to area and common friends. It is being given more importance since it is being heard that Facebook is interested in acquiring the app.

A Facebook Collaboration

Mar 29

5 Quick Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Business


5 Quick Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Business, facebook for small busines, facebook marketing, social media marketing, web designers on facebook, facebook nepal

Facebook isn’t just a way to poke that old crush of yours back from freshman year of high school, to post an entire album of incriminating pictures from your birthday weekend in Vegas, or to consume your time when you’re sitting at a red light…as it turns out, in this social network obsessed world, Facebook also comes in pretty handy for businesses purposes.  So if you are trying to build for your company a web-presence bigger than that of Google and send customers clicking their way to you by obscene masses, then be sure to take a look at the following quick Facebook tips to add to your marketing campaign:

Mar 27

How to Beat Your Addiction to Facebook


How to Beat Your Addiction to Facebook, Facebook addicted, Facebook Disease, Facebook Disorder, Facebook Symptoms, Defeat facebook addiction

It’s hard to imagine that just a few years ago we had to connect with friends, family, coworkers and clients without sending them a friend request, posting mobile uploads, liking various activity on our mini-feeds or updating a detailed status outlining every move we make.  But these days, we now have the ability to share in such ways…all thanks to a little website called Facebook.  The problem is that some people have become so addicted to the phenomenon of this social media platform that they could be headlining their own episode of Intervention.  So if you think you might fall into this category of obsessed Facebookers, step away from your computer, put down your mobile device, and take a look at the following steps for combating your Facebook addiction:

Oct 21

Nepali Hackers group, Team Swastika hacks 10,000 Facebook Accounts


Nepali Hackers Team Swastika group hacks 10,000 Facebook AccountsA group of hackers called Team Swastika published the details of 10,000 Facebook accounts on text sharing site, Pastebin.

According to the Hacker News, Team Swastika claims to be the most powerful hacking team in Nepal, their next target will be Nepal Government website.

Dec 06

Facebook Unveils Profile Page Redesign


facebook new profile of Nirmal GyanwaliFacebook announced a redesign of user profile pages. Some changes include a new introduction at the top of the page that tells viewers where you’re from, where you went to school, and where you work.

You can list projects you've worked on, classes you've taken, your favorite musicians, sports, teams, etc. There are images for your interests so your information is displayed more visually.

Aug 26

Facebook chat drops support for IE6


If you are using the Internet Explorer 6.0 till now to chat on Facebook, better move to an upgraded version.

Facebook in its blog said that chat feature will not be supported by IE6, better shove it under the carpet and move on. According to blog post, company will be dropping Internet Explorer 6 support for its chat application on September 15th, 2010.

Aug 22

Facebook Launches Facebook Places


Facebook has launched Facebook Places, a new tool which allows its members to automatically share their location with each other.

Jun 17

Facebook “Like” button Comes to Comments


Just when you thought Like was everywhere, it appears somewhere else. Sometimes, in the course of your comments, you’ll find something that you really like.  Now, you can express that thanks to Facebook implementing the Like function on all comments.

According to the Facebook Blog:

May 22

Facebook to simplify Privacy Settings


Facing growing protests over its handling of users' personal information, Facebook plans to make changes to the privacy settings available on the world's largest social networking website. But the steps, to be unveiled as early as next week, may not go as far as critics would like.

Lawmakers, regulators, privacy watchdogs and some Facebook users have unleashed a storm of criticism of the Internet company since it launched a program that shares user data with three third-party websites. A number of U.S. senators have called on Facebook to allow users to opt out of that program, which Facebook calls instant personalization.

Apr 20

In Big New Product Push, Facebook Set to Launch 6.5 Million New Community Pages


In what amounts to a big new product push for the company, Facebook is turning previously static information in user profiles into links to 6.5 million new Community Pages. It’s also further clarifying the point of Pages, dividing out official ones for businesses, celebrities and other known entities from from the “community” ones.

These move will help Facebook more clearly identify what users care about — and help it achieve higher search engine results for Community Pages on any topic imaginable.

Feb 06

Facebook revamps home page


The popular social-networking site has tweaked its home page yet again. This time around, the redesign puts more of Facebook's core features and settings right on the home page. The goal is to spare users from having to jump from one page to another to access their favorite features.

The redesign was rolled out to the first group of users on Thursday, Facebook's 6th birthday. As of Thursday evening, 80 million out of Facebook's 400 million customers should have received the new home page, according to Inside Facebook.

Feb 02

New Facebook craze can violate terms of service


If you're one of Facebook's 350-million-plus members, you've probably noticed a handful of people on your friends list changing their profile photos to pictures of celebrities, cartoon characters, Muppets, and other notable figures recently.

That's because an unofficial viral craze called "Doppelganger Week" has arisen on the social network. To participate, you change your profile picture to a celebrity or otherwise notable figure whom you resemble (or like to think you resemble).

Jan 12

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg causes stir over privacy


facebook nepal, facebook privacy, nirmal gyanwali, facebook nepalFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's contention last week that privacy is becoming less important to online users caused a stir across the Internet and among privacy advocates.

Zuckerberg told an audience at the 2009 Crunchies Awards ceremonies in San Francisco on Friday that social norms are changing and people don't expect or want nearly as much privacy as they have in the past.

Jan 10

Facebook 'bra colour' status update goes viral 'raising breast cancer awareness'


Thousands of female users - and some male ones - began updating their statuses on Friday with “beige”, “hot pink”, “crimson red”, “sexy black and gold” or even “nothing”.

As online confusion raged and dozens of bloggers speculated about its meaning, it was disclosed it was part of a new campaign to help raise awareness for breast cancer.

Dec 08

3 Ways Facebook Is Improving Online Safety


Facebook recently has made headlines for the ways in which it is calling attention to the challenges of online safety, particularly with respect to social networks. On Monday, Facebook launched a Safety Advisory Council -- one of a number of ways the social networking site is trying to batten down the hatches and provide a safer online environment.

- Facebook's Safety Advisory Board comprises five leading Internet safety organizations from North America and Europe that will advise Facebook on online safety policy. The members of the Safety Advisory Board are Childnet International, The Family Online Safety Institute, Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely and WiredSafety. One of the council's first projects will be to overhaul the safety information at Facebook's Help Center with the goal of providing more comprehensive resources and including content that's specifically tailored to the needs of parents, teachers and teens.

- Facebook is active in MTV's A Thin Line campaign, aimed at helping teenagers stop the spread of digital abuse. MTV's A Thin Line campaign debuted this month and urges Internet users, especially young people, to "draw the line" line between digital use and digital abuse.

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