Search engine optimization better known for its acronym “SEO” is a big term in web space and online world.

It doesn’t matter the credibility or coding language you possess, if you can’t sell your product and services, it’s of no use.

Here is the thing: Either you pull your audience. Or, you push your service to your audience. The mechanism of pulling is done by SEO when mashed up with essential online marketing ingredients. So, you are looking for an SEO expert in Nepal? Probably you have a travel and tour agency or an online store that requires a strong online presence. What I have seen in recent years is the trend of SEO has grown vastly in Nepal. As the users that search online have grown significantly in the country, the demand of digital marketing has taken an upward leap. So, without further ado, I’ll like to show you three of my personal best SEOs of Nepal. It’s not based on Google search what so ever. It’s simply because of the work experience that I have shed with them or have heard good things about them.

seo specialist nepal
  • Krishna Bogati
  • This wasn’t a surprise isn’t it? Krishna has been in the SEO field for over 5 years now. And, being in the first of Google does spark his ability and knowledge of online marketing. Being one of top local seo has given him the opportunity to work on many local websites. In Nepal, you won’t find any local business like plumbing, taxi etc. However, most online marketing is done for travel and tour sites. And, this is where his expertise lies. He is also part of different ventures that is driven toward earning from adsense and affiliate marketing. If you ask me, his major strength would be keyword research, Backlink building, social media optimization etc.


  • Amin Ghale
  • I have worked with Amin for different local as well as competitive projects. What I can say is he definitely packs a punch for the guy of his ability. In just one year he along with few of his team member was able to double the traffic and leads for one of our major site. If you are looking for SEO specialist in Nepal that carries more weight to his services, he is the guy.

    What makes him more peculiar is his extensive skill of learning quickly and networking. He has worked with the lights of Neil Patel which shows his skill set. Avoiding the stereotype skill of directory and social bookmarking, he brings different techniques trying to boost a site. His strength would be a better knowledge of black hat SEO, profound keyword research, Guest posting & technical SEO.


  • Baba Pandey
  • Unfortunately, I haven’t had chances to work with Baba but I have heard good things about him. He has been in the field for at least 4 years and knows in and out of online marketing. I have heard that he was motivated by blogging to enter in the field of search engine. And, since then he hasn’t looked back. Similar to Krishna, he works on many ecommerce stores and travel agencies. I have heard that he has the specialization on working with these kinds of websites.


Hiring a Search engine specialist is always a daunting task. Don’t mark my word; have your work cut out for selection process. Here is a list of questions that you can ask them beforehand to help you sought out the best for your project.

seo expert nepal
  1. List out link building techniques that you have used and that you think still works in 2017
  2. What’s the one site that you have ranked and can you share the strategy you used to rank it.
  3. Do you know anything about black hat techniques? What do you understand about it?
  4. Have you ever used PBN? What do you think about it? Does it help in ranking?
  5. Do you think social signals have any effect on ranking? Have you ever heard about trust tiering?
  6. Who do you follow in the SEO world or online marketing world? Do you know any underground SEO?
  7. Can you give me one smart technique that you have used in your past project that changed the course of a project?
  8. Can you rank a website with just proper on page optimisation? If yes, what are cases that are most likely to happen in this scenario?
  9. What are 301, 302. And does Google treat them differently? Does https carry weight?
  10. Who are Matt Cutts and John Muller?
  11. What SEO tools do you use?
  12. Blocking any pages through robots.txt. Does it avoid Google from crawling and indexing the page? Justify your answer
  13. How does Google real time penguin update affect the search landscape?
  14. How do you determine proper site architecture
  15. How do you see SEO in 2017?

These questions are tough for even the best guys out there. So if someone can answer these convincingly, you have your guy.

Hopefully, this post guided you through your search of SEO expert in Nepal. If you have any confusion or looking for expert advice in web design, online marketing and anything related with web, feel free to contact me.